What sets us apart from the rest is our visionary goal & truly unique designs that are specially curated to perfection for our clients.

Retail Shops, Bank, Café and Restaurant

Unique style, dramatic color ways and innovative approach all characterize our work for the corporate sector. We place a premium on flexible and functional environments. Atlas is seen as a foremost produce of interiors that are both aesthetically-pleasing and practical, whether working in terms of fit-out and project management or design development and build.

Hotels, Spa, Fitness Center, Hospital – etc

This is where we began. Atlas first entered the market through work with 5-star hotels, exclusive club houses and restaurants. Many of these projects have stood the test of time for more than 10 years. Our ability to meet budget and program whilst keeping to the original design integrity, helps to maintain our success in the hospitality sector. ACC is a leading healthcare fit out contractor with a large portfolio of projects in the region. As a sector, Healthcare places exacting demands in terms of precision of project management, scheduling and zoning – for which our personnel are specially-trained and fully prepared.

Apartment and Luxury Villa

ACC is a key player across the full spectrum of brands and environments in the Villa projects Interior, outdoor and Apartment interiors works. At ACC, we are proud to have created some of the best fine Luxury villas across the UAE. We are the leading contractor for design and built work , with names such as Saleh Al Aroud Villa, Park Hyatt Villas, and Address Apartments to name only a few.

Exhibition Center, Mall shops etc

ACC retail portfolio is vast, ranging from high end fashion, jewellery, to technology particularly franchise businesses that are designed by international designers. It is mainly in this sector that ACC has the highest number of repeat clients, a fact that is directly related to ACC quality of workmanship and on-time project delivery A company’s presence at an event is an important opportunity to replicate its values, culture and aspirations – giving show visitors the clearest possible understanding of the advantages that the business will offer. ACC has terrific experience of every aspect of stand and space management, including the execution of a unique concept or proposition, the planning of exhibitions and visitor areas, public access to terminals and the complete build of interactive facilities.


Project Name
Identify projects candidate, define projects requirements and stake holders, develop benefits and cost estimates, select projects for funding. We create memorable experiences, stimulating the senses through the blending of space, light and detailing from large scale to unique one-off small lifestyle projects.
Develop detailed scope definitions, define time and resource estimates, develop project work plans, complete project charters, and validate budget with project work plans. You tell us what you need and we assess the space, fabric, and plan alteration. This allows you to evaluate scope, costs and timing, and confidently decide what is possible.
Develop and execute transition plans, document lessons learned, archive projects records, and decommission management and execution teams. We work with physical models and mock-ups to explore context and deliver innovative solutions; finalizing the concept from the start is the key to have a successful executed project.

Founded in 2006 in response to the market demand for high standard services, Atlas Continent Contracting L.L.C.

Our Services for our clients.


We take ownership for the quality and reliability of systems designed by our specialists. Our ability to deliver a high-quality facility to our clients' specific needs is based on deep industry expertise of our specialists. Atlas MEP Department consists of mechanical and electrical engineers, HSE specialists and facility operators, whose backgrounds allow us to provide integrated MEP systems support throughout each phase of any project - from planning and designing to ongoing operations and maintenance support. Our MEP professionals work hand-in-hand with our Project Teams, Supervisors and Clients to provide a higher level of quality on the project.

Architectural & Civil Design

We strive to offer solutions within a structure to achieve functional solutions, enhancing the culture of the occupants and acknowledging the social context of the project, adhering to regulatory requirements and encouraging the principles of environmental sustainability. Our professional design practitioners follow a systematic and coordinated methodology, including research, analysis and integration of knowledge into the creative process, whereby the needs and resources of the client are satisfied to produce an interior space.


With more than 28 years of experienced in furniture production business, we are able to produce Interior items for our Turnkey projects as well as for Designs by our clients. Our production facilities ensure cost effectiveness and a safe and friendly working environment.

HVAC Build and Design

Our AC Ducts manufacturing unit provides precision-fit duct and fittings, serving all air distribution needs for our projects. Galvanized steel Paintable steel Aluminium, stainless steel and PVC-Coated steel spiral duct and fittings in either single or double wall in diameters of 3 through 60 inches in gauges 26 through 18 are among the ductwork we produce. Our capacities allow us to provide individualized and unique service not available from large companies and our skilled machinists and experienced technicians take pride in providing the best quality works in Full Air Conditioning Contracting, Supply Installation, all kinds of Services for Air Conditioning Units and Ducting, including: Fresh air exhaust (extract) ventilation services Air balancing and commissioning through client's specification Supply and installation of air handling units (AHU), fan coil units (FCU), split duct package and wall mounted split units General air conditioning and ducting contracting - heat load calculation, design, drawings and on site HVAC consultancy Repairs and service split duct units, decorative, wall mounted units, package units and hilled water system Chilled water piping and contracting works


Atlas Designs also undertakes turnkey projects specializing in Branded Retail Projects as a complete package from Concept to Completion. Our experienced team of Project Managers and Project Co-ordinators are capable of handling the interior works of the projects using quality interior fit out companies. Atlas maintains close vigil to ensure quality of works, safety measures & timely completion.Merging together the skills of our talented professionals, we provide unique, custom-made Interior design solutions & execute the same with deliberate attention on quality, we create personalized Design solutions for our clients fulfilling the project goals, protecting and enhancing the health, life safety and welfare of the client.


Atlas TurnKey Solutions is an award-winning company that provides manufacturing, assembly and fulfillment of electronic media products. We offer: Duplication/Replication Services Graphic Design and Package Development Mastering Services including a Comprehensive Incoming Inspection In-house Print and Bindery Departments Product Assembly, Fulfillment and Distribution In-process Quality Control and Quality Assurance Total Project Management Project Tracking Warehousing, Inventory Control and Reporting Master Storage and Security


We pride ourselves in our ability to design, procure, construct and deliver a Total Building Solution on time, within budget and in accordance with our client’s expectations every time – our team looks forward to our next challenge.The main purpose of the H S E Management system is to ensure regulatory compliance and International best practice, manage Health, Safety and Environmental issues, protect lives and prevent accidents in all phases of the project/operations and minimize impact on environment due to business activities.


It is founded in 2006 as a response to the market demand for high standard services, Atlas Continent Contracting L.L.C has now transformed into one of the most recognized Fit out companies in the United Arab Emirates. By having comprehensive approach to its work, today Atlas already includes Interior Design and MEP divisions, AC ducts production unit as well as a Furniture Factory. Also, by the involvement of both the skills and knowledge of our Technicians, Engineers, Interior Designers, Architects, Managers and Laborers, we are proud to offer full range of design and fit out solutions. Atlas' first specification was Food and Beverage facilities and the number of Restaurants and Cafe's executed are now over thousands, among the significant part are Turnkey Projects. As of today, Atlas Projects range from different specialties including Hotels, Schools, Cafes & Restaurants, Residential Villas, Banks/ Offices/ Administrative, Beauty Center, Retail Shops and Leisure & Night Clubs entertainment in world class premises.


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